If you’ve never had to pay for the body disposition of a relative, then chances are you will encounter such a scenario someday. It’s obviously not something to look forward to since the best-case scenario would be for there to be no death at all. But the reality is that everyone, given enough time, will pass on. And unless they preplan for their final services, it will be their families who have to plan and pay for the cremation or burial. What do you do, however, if you need to pay for a funeral or cremation in Elyria, OH but lack the funds?  

What follows is a look at things you can do to either make the final disposition more affordable or to come up with the money needed to cremate or bury your dead loved one.  

Choose Cremation  

Cremation is a cheaper body disposition option compared to traditional burial. So if funding is an issue, it makes sense to go with the most cost-effective option available. You can contain costs by going with cremation, and this is especially the case if you refrain from selecting extras. Should you choose cremation, you will likely want an urn. There are different price points for urns, so you can work with a funeral home or crematory to stay within your budget.  

Share the Costs with Loved Ones 

When your family is preparing for final services, you will come together for a common purpose. One way you can really be of help to each other is to share the costs associated with a body disposition. If you can divvy up the costs among a lot of family members, the burden won’t be on only one or two people. It would be great to see family members take on more than their fair share if they have the financial means to do so. This would make the burden lighter for those whose means are more limited.  

Rainy Day Fund 

Do you have a rainy day fund from which you can possibly withdraw some money? If you have sufficient savings and can withdraw some of it to help with final services expenses, then you might want to go this route. You don’t want to completely empty your savings account, though.  

Credit Card or Loan 

Taking on more debt is really a last-ditch effort if all other means of getting funds turn up empty. Credit cards carry some really high interest rates, so it’s best to go with the loan option. Try one of the financial service entities you deal with to see if you can get a loan with suitable terms.  

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