When you’re at a funeral home, you should be mindful of written and unwritten etiquette rules. You can definitely save yourself unnecessary embarrassment if you steer clear of faux pas. But in order to know what to do, you need to know what constitutes proper funeral home behavior.

If you’ll be attending a Cleveland, OH funeral home in the near future, check out the questions below to learn the etiquette tips that will keep you on the straight and narrow path.

Will Your Presence Detract?

One of the first things you need to ask yourself is whether or not you should attend the funeral in the first place. Yes, it’s always a good thing to want to attend to pay your last respects and to support the grieving family, if the deceased is a friend or co-worker. But you should probably stay away if your presence would be a distraction. So, if your being there would make the family of the deceased uncomfortable or if the funeral service is only for close family members, then it’s probably best to avoid throwing caution to the wind. There may be other ways to show your respects, like sending a card or flowers, if it would be a bad idea to attend.

What Should I Wear?

One of the unwritten rules of funeral attendance is that wearing black — a symbol of mourning — is the thing to do. While this is an unwritten rule, it is one that has stood the test of time as it’s widely practiced in many cultures. If you don’t have black clothing, it should be fine to wear something that is darker in color. But it’s best to avoid wearing bright colors or clothing that is, or that could be interpreted to be, immodest. Remember that you won’t be there to attract attention to yourself. So, respect the family and tradition by ensuring that your attire is suitable.

How Do I Know Where to Sit Down?

Usually, the seats that are reserved for the family will have been clearly marked before the start of the funeral service. So, perhaps one or two rows at the front might be reserved in this way. Unless you’ve been informed that you’ll be sitting up front with the family of the deceased, it’s probably best to sit elsewhere. And if you, for whatever reason, happen to get there late, choose a seat near the back so that you don’t disrupt the funeral service in progress.

Do I Need to Bring a Gift?

It’s a good idea to bring a gift for the family of the deceased. This can involve sympathy flowers that you can get from virtually any florist in town. Include a card and words of condolences. You might want to, if flowers aren’t your thing of if the family has been inundated with them, have a gift basket of baked goods, fruit or other things delivered.

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